We have an outstanding coaching team for 2019-2020 club season!   We are pleased to offer a strong line-up of certified experienced coaches.  

EXCEL 10 Regional Red:  Summer Alford

EXCEL 11 National Red:  Yajaira Cadet & Megan Hoffmann

EXCEL 11 Regional White:  Lauren Stahlman

EXCEL 11 Regional Blue: Hailey Erickson

EXCEL 12 National Red:  Brauzon Neves & Jill Via

EXCEL 12 National White:  Quinn Persinger & Eric Choate

EXCEL 12 National Blue - David Seeds & Chris Baughman

EXCEL 12 Kara - Kara Noah

EXCEL 13 National Red:  Renato (Ray) Borges & Libby Shewski

EXCEL 13 National White:  Mark Graham & Drew Noah

EXCEL 13 National Blue:  Iris Miranda & Tyler Henderson

EXCEL 13 Regional Gold:  Brandon Henry

EXCEL 13 HP:  Cynthia Armendariz

EXCEL 13 Chandler:  Chandler Choate

EXCEL 14 National Red:  Jennifer (JJ) Castillo & Romel Manio

EXCEL 14 National White:  Sasha Gutor & Sean Smith

EXCEL 14 National Blue:  Haleigh Jameson & Abby Jameson

EXCEL 14 Regional Gold:  Taylor Kramer

EXCEL 15 National Red:  Kenneth (Shea) Jenkins & Michelle Quina

EXCEL 15 National White: Renato (Ray) Borges & Iris Miranda

EXCEL 15 National Blue:  Vanessa Bond & Ellen Frawley

EXCEL 15 National Silver:  Taylor Kramer & Stephanie Huber

EXCEL 16 Red National:  Justin Waters & Lauren Stahlman

EXCEL 16 National White:  Drew Noah & Sarah Kite

EXCEL 16 National Blue:  Mark Graham & Ellen Gutor

EXCEL 17 National Red:  Stephanie Poole & Allie Rokas

EXCEL 17 National White:  Summer Alford & Lauren Young

EXCEL 18 National Red:  Sean Smith & Erin Kauffman

EXCEL 18 National White:  Taylor Robinson & Bonnie Vernon

Roamers:  Will Wiggins, Jen Nance, John Yang, Lesley Willis