Will Wiggins, Head Coach

Will Wiggins has coached volleyball for 17 years. Coach Wiggins was the owner and operator of Whiteout Volleyball Club, and NorcoWest Juniors in Colorado.  His responsibilities included training, coaching, scheduling, recruiting, purchasing and accounting.

Coach Wiggins believes in a positive team environment by promoting trust, communication, commitment, accountability, and attention to results.  He believes in declaring attainable goals in common and communicating the means to achieve those goals.

Coach Wiggins started coaching volleyball as an Assistant Coach for Soroco High School Volleyball team in 1998. He moved on to a head coaching position with the University of Wyoming Women's Club Volleyball in 2000.  After graduation, Wiggins coached and directed the Whiteout Volleyball Club from 2005-2007.  He also directed NorcoWest Juniors from 2007-2009. He coached the NorcoWest 17s team in 2008 and 18s team in 2009 through winning seasons. He has competed at NIRSA and USAV Nationals as both a player and a coach. In 2013 he earned a CAP 1 certification from USAV.

Coach Wiggins has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and a minor in Real Estate Economics from the University of Wyoming.  This is Coach Wiggins’ fourth year with EXCEL.