• Club Team Status

    Welcome, Welcome! to the EXCEL Volleyball website! We are in the process of looking for players for the upcoming 2018-2019 season. To be considered
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  • eFit Sports Performance Training

    eFit is a volleyball-specific program for athletes of all ages. eFit will focus on functional training to enhance movement and physical demands on the
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  • eLEVATE Vertical Training Program

    Program Details Elevate your vertical, elevate your game! Intense training program using progressive training techniques to develop muscle and muscle memory. Program Leader: Justin
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Club photos are taken by Real Time Images.  All club members are expected to participate in club photos.  Individual, team and club wide photos will be taken.  Parents have the option of purchasing photos (order form).  Cash or checks only (payable to Real Time Images).  No credit cards accepted.  

Club Photo Schedule 

Wednesday, Feb 7th
5:15pm 11R
5:30pm 13 CS Gold
5:45pm 14N Red
6:00pm 14N Blue
6:15pm 14 Red Boys
6:30pm 12 Red Boys
6:45pm 14 CS Gold
7:00pm Club Photo (all teams practicing)
7:15pm 13N Blue
7:30pm 18N Red
7:45pm 16 Red Boys
8:00pm 15 Red Boys
8:15pm 18 Red Boys
8:30pm 17 Red Boys
Thursday, Feb 8th
5:00pm 10 Red
5:15pm 13N Red
5:30pm 18N White
5:45pm 17N Red
6:00pm 14N White
6:15pm 13N White
6:30pm 12N Blue
6:45pm 12N Red
7:00pm 12N White
7:15pm Club Photo (all teams practicing)
7:30pm 16N Red
7:45pm 15N White
8:00pm 15N Red
8:15pm 15N Blue
8:30pm 16N White
8:45pm 17N White