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2019-2020 Player...
April 18
EXCEL follows the North Texas Region rules for selecting athletes for teams. The timeline for selecting our 2019-2020 teams is listed below. Evaluation Clinics will be used to select athletes for the upcoming season. We suggest attending a minimum...
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Club Prep (Spring...
April 16
Youth Club Prep is designed for athletes that want to learn key fundamental skills required to play competitive volleyball. Club Prep is appropriate for athletes that are new to volleyball as well as experienced players that are looking to take...
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2019 Summer League
April 16
Looking for a summer league team for your athlete? Train with experienced USAV certified coaches. EXCEL offers league teams for 4th through 7th grade. EXCEL participates in the Plano Volleyball League. Athletes practice once a week for 2 hours....
2019 Tournament...
April 16
Teams play in the Open division in NTR tournaments unless otherwise noted. Show Me NQ - Kansas City 3rd Place: 17N Red - Qualified Red Rock Rave Las Vegas 1st Place: 16N White - Quaified in USA North Texas All Star Bid Tournament 1st Place: 14N Red...
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Beach Program
April 16
EXCEL has teamed up with former AVP Player, Dale Davis , to provide a stellar beach volleyball program at the new Beachcomber facility in The Colony! The ever popular Beachcomber is just 3 minutes from Courtside. Experienced staff make the training...
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College Coaches Camp
April 12
Train with elite college coaches over the course of three days at Courtside. College coaches will collectively cover all skills, offensive systems, defensive systems and game strategy. Check back...
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EXCEL 18 RED &...
April 03
The Senior volleyball season is something special but not simple. A quick gauntlet of competition that barely allows for enough time for an athlete to adapt from high school teammates to club, makes chemistry and competitiveness key components of...
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EXCEL Grows the...
April 03
Author: Alex Lepp In 2017, Excel Volleyball Club moved into its very own facility - Courtside Sports Center in Carrollton, Texas - and took an important step towards positioning itself as a premier volleyball club in the ultra-competitive North...
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