We are pleased to offer a strong line-up of experienced coaches with hands on playing experience.  EXCEL requires all of our coaches to be USAV IMPACT certified.  Many of our coaches have additional certifications earned in their quest for continual improvement and love of the game. 

Leadership Team

Club Director - Sherri Hausner

Coaching Directors- Romel Manio , Alex Lepp (14U), 15O)

Recruiting Director - Laura Fossier


Jorden Benedict

Maddie Boudrot

Yajaira Cadet

Jennifer (JJ) Castillo

Chandler Choate

Eric Choate

Josh Clough (JC)

Hung Dang 

Garrett Dobbs

Mason Duhon

Riley Duzenack

Hailey Erickson

Ellen Frawley

Brittany Fossier

Tyler Henderson

Megan Hoffmann

Shea Jenkins

Haleigh Jameson

Alex Lepp

Romel Manio

Britnee James

Erin Kauffman

Angel Mauterer

Iris Miranda

Hailey Morin

Jennifer Nance

Brauzon Neves

Drew Noah

Kara Noah

Summer Noelle

Allie Rokas

Taylor Robinson

Jennifer Salinas  

David Seeds

Libby Shewski

Jordan Schilling 

Sean Smith

Lauren Stahlman

Justin Waters

Britney Van Order

Jillian Via

Will Wiggins

Lesley Willis

Lauren Young

John Yang