Congratulations to the 12 EXCEL teams that qualified for the 2018 Girls and Boys Nationals.   National locations include Anaheim (18s), Detroit (Girls) and Phoenix (Boys). 


14N Red - AT Large Bid

15N Red - Lone Star Classic 

16N Red - Lone Star Classic

16N Red Boys - Southwest Boys Classic

18N Red - Northeast 


National Bids

13N Red - Regionals

17N Red - Regionals


USA Bids 

14N White - Windy City

15N White - Northeast

American Bids

12N Red - Regionals

17N White - Regionals

18N White - Regionals



Teams play in the Open division in NTR tournaments unless otherwise noted.

Northern Lights NQ

5th Place: 17N Red and 12N White

6th Place: 13N White and 12N White

Lone Star Classic NQ 

5th Place: 15N Red - Qualified

7th Place: 17N Red

Show Me NQ - Kansas City

3rd Place: 17N Red - Qualified

Red Rock Rave Las Vegas

1st Place: 16N White - Quaified in USA

5th Place: 17N White

North Texas All Star Bid Tournament

1st Place: 14N Red

2nd Place: 15N Red

5th Place: 14N White, 13N Red

Sunshine Classic NQ

5th Place: 15N Red

Pacific National Qualifier

4th Place: 16N White

5th Place: 17N Red

NTR 18s Regionals Bid Tournament

1st Place: 18N Red - Qualified in National  **Received OPEN At Large Bid**

5th Place: 18N White - Qualified in American

North Texas Spring Classic

1st Place: 16N White (in 17s)  

2nd Place: 12N Red (in 13s),  12N White

3rd Place: 10 Red (in 11s), 13N Blue, 15N White (in 16s), 15N Blue

5th Place: 13N White (in 14s), Boys 13 White, 13 Gold, 14N Blue,and 16N Blue

North Texas Invitational

1st Place: 18N White

2nd Place: 14N Red

3rd Place: 12N Red, 15N White and 16N Red

5th Place: 16N White

March Madness:

1st Place: 11N Red

American Volleyball Challenge

5th Place: 16N Blue

AJV Spring Swing

1st Place: Boys 16 Red and Boys 17 Red

Nike Bid

3rd Place: 15N Red, 17N Red and 18N Red

Valentines Classic

1st Place: 10 Red and 12N White

Girl Power

1st Place Silver: 11 White

Fun Fest

1st Place: 12N Blue and 14N White

2nd Place: 10 Red (in 12s), 13N Red (in 14s), 13N Blue and 15N Blue


2nd Place: 17N Red

3rd Place: 18N Red

5th Place: 12N Red, 13N Red, 14N Red, 15N Red and 16N Red

Nike Invitational Bid Tournament

3rd Place: 15N Red and 18N Red

5th Place: 10N Red (in 11s)

DFW Invitational

1st Place: 12N Red, 13N Red (in 14s), 15N Red (in 16s), 15N White and 17N Red (in18s)

Southwest Boys Classic

- EXCEL 15N Red Boys (Qualified in 15 Open) 

Winter Volleyball Championships

EXCEL 16N Red Boys (Qualified in 16 USA)

Dennis Lafata Gateway Boys’ Festival

EXCEL 17N Red Boys (Qualified in 17 Open)

- EXCEL 15N Red Boys (Double qualified in 15 Open)



EXCEL is excited to offer national and local boys teams.  We have a strong line-up of experienced coaches with hands on playing experience in all age groups.            

EXCEL 13 Red: Taylor Robinson

EXCEL 14 National Red:  Jim Stewart & Stephanie Podewils 

EXCEL 14 White:  Lee Tonga & Chase Kloza

 EXCEL 14 Blue:  John Yang

EXCEL 15 National Red:  Hailey Erickson & Justin Gibbs

EXCEL 16 National Red:  Brauzon Neves & Summer Alford

EXCEL 16 National White: Flavio Dallasgasperina & Libby Shewski

EXCEL 17 National Red:  Lee Tonga & Drew Noah

EXCEL 18 National Red:  Sydney Yogi & Daniel Jacobs




EXCEL announces a new Sports Performance Training (SPT) program that is a volleyball-specific training for athletes of all ages.  Training will take place before or after clinics.  EXCEL's Fitness Program Director, Mason Duhon, will focus on functional training using movements and muscles during the workouts that the athletes will use during volleyball play.  Our program will develop athletes through resistance, plyometrics, speed-ladder and body-weight training. Athletes will be instructed in proper mechanics to optimize muscle use for maximum results and injury prevention.

Excel's aim is to increase athletes vertical jump, agility and hitting power with a large emphasis on stretching and injury prevention. With a combination of strength training, plyometrics, rehabilitation exercises and stretching, we have developed a comprehensive training program for volleyball athletes looking to take their game to the next level.  Our goal is to produce well rounded, strong and resilient athletes. We teach healthy habits on and off the court, thus prolonging an athlete’s volleyball career.

Areas of Athletic Development
-Vertical Jump (Standing&Approach)
-Core Strength
-Fast Twitch Muscle
-First-Step Quickness and Agility

Program starts in October!