Will Wiggins, Head Coach

Will Wiggins fell in love with volleyball after his last state high school tennis tournament.  The similarities of these net sports with regards to agility, quickness, and coordination were a natural fit.  He valued the additional element of teamwork commanded by volleyball. In a sport dominated by height, he relished his success by finding other ways to win.

Will was trained as a setter for the University of Wyoming men's volleyball team.  After formally competing in back to back years at NIRSA nationals in 1999 and 2000,he changed his focus to competing in national doubles volleyball tournaments and coaching juniors.

Will has coached volleyball for 18 years.  This is his sixth year with Excel Volleyball Club. In 2017, Wiggins led the Excel 16N Red team to earning a bid to the GJNC by winning the North Texas regional tournament.  2016, Wiggins led his Excel 16N Red team to the Open Division of GJNC in Indianapolis by qualifying at the Minnesota Northern Lights tournament. In 2015, his 172 National team finished in the top 10 in North Texas with more than half of his roster committed to playing in college.

Coach Wiggins began his club experience as the owner and operator of Whiteout Volleyball Club, and NorcoWest Juniors inColorado.  His responsibilities included training, coaching, scheduling, recruiting, purchasing and accounting.  HIs experience as club director provides a unique perspective in his approach to working with parents and players. Will has recently passed his exam for his USAV CAP II certification and is currently drafting his thesis for his article submission to USAV for publication.

Wiggins has a Bachelor of science degree in Finance and a minor in Real Estate Economics from the University of Wyoming.  He owns and operates a Property Tax Consulting firm in Addison, TX.

Coach Wiggins believes in a positive, "faith first" team environment by promoting trust, communication, commitment, accountability and attention to results.  Coach Wiggins commands an agreement to declare attainable goals in common and communicating the means to achieve those goals. These philosophies are faceted with adherence to self-responsibility and balanced mental training.