Clinic Name


All Skills Clinic

The focus of this clinic is to build a solid foundation in skills such as passing, setting, serving, and hitting.  Players will also be trained in proper court movement involved in transitioning, defense, and serve receive.

Back to School Camp

EXCEL's Back To School Camp is designed to get athletes ready for school tryouts.  During this three day training camp, athletes will work on serving, passing, setting, blocking and hitting. Athletes will be trained on proper court movement involved in transitioning, defense, and serve receive.  The camp will conclude with a mini-tournament the last day giving athletes an opportunity to actively compete with peers.  This camp is recommended for intermediate to advanced athletes.  Athletes are grouped based on skill level and age.

Back to School Clinic

EXCEL's Back to School Clinics are designed to prepare athletes for school tryouts by working on passing, setting, hitting and serving.  Coaches will touch on defense and serve receive.  We recommend athletes attend both Back to School Clinic.

Back Row Clinic

EXCEL's Back Row Clinic is for higher level skills in defense and passing.  Will focus on technique, body control, conditioning and skill development.

Defense, Serve Receive & Setting Clinic

This defensive minded clinic includes individual training and development of back row plays. Coaches will work on digging, passing, serving, and all other skills that will help them become expert defenders.  Setters will focus on individual training and development of setting. We will work on setter footwork, hand position, set location, dumping and emergency skills.

Defensive Specialist Camp

This 3 day camp will emphasize the fundamental skills necessary to be great at defense and service reception. This is one of our most popular camps.  Athletes get lots of ball touches and opportunities to pass controlled serves and attacks.  All volleyball players, regardless of position, will benefit by improving their passing and defense.


Weight training that targets specific muscle groups in order to build explosiveness in jumping and quickness. The exercises, timing, techniques and structure target the fast-twitch muscles in the legs that are responsible for explosiveness, agility and quickness.

Jump Start Fundamentals Camp

During this four day camp, athletes will learn fundamental volleyball skills including how to on serve, pass, set and attack.  Jump Start is led by experienced USA Volleyball certified coaches.  This camp is recommended for 3rd through 6th graders females and males.

Excelleration Clinic

Bring your “A” game to this clinic, as this is the time to compete with accomplished players within your age group.  EXCEL Coaches familiarize themselves with elite athletes desiring to play on our top Club teams.  This clinic is for advanced club players.  Coaches will focuses on endurance, speed, skill, and game play through advanced workouts, skills development drills and fast-paced game play.

Hitting, Blocking, Setting Camp

This 3 day camp will focus on improving your hitting & blocking with athletes at a similar age and skill level.  These 75 minute daily training session begin with skill acquisition and reinforcement. Rhythm and timing in conjunction with footwork is a major emphasis.  Arm action and approaches will also be addressed as athletes learn optimum hitting mechanics.  Setters are encouraged to join this camp to work with hitters and reinforce skills learned at our setting clinics.

Hitting/Blocking Clinic

This clinic will focus on individual training and development of hitting and blocking. Whether you are right handed or left we will work on footwork, arm swing, blocking, and back row attacks.

Open Gym

Attend an open gym to participate in active play under the direction of EXCEL Club coaches.  Open gym focuses on multiple touches in a fast-paced game environment.

Evaluation Clinics

Attend Evaluations Clinic to train and get in front of the EXCEL Club coaches that will be leading our competitive club teams this fall.  Coaches will focuses on advanced drills and fast paced game play.  We recommend attending multiple clinics to be evaluated for a position on a club team.

Setting Camp

This 3 day camp lays the foundation and the mechanics of state-of-the-art setting patterns. Athletes will learn specific setting mechanics for jump setting, multi-tempo sets, dumping, pipe and backsets.   All aspects of the setting position are covered in detail.

Serving Open Gym is design for players that want to improve and/or master the skill of serving.  Open Gym gives athletes the opportunity to practice float serves, top spin serves and jump serves.  Coaches will assist and direct athletes in mastering various levels of serving.

Serving Open Gym

Serving Open Gym is design for players that want to improve and/or master the skill of serving.  Open Gym gives athletes the opportunity to practice float serves, top spin serves and jump serves.  Coaches will assist and direct athletes in mastering various levels of serving.

For more information, contact Laura Fossier, Recruiting Director (214-727-7249, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).


Status Year Team # First Last Position Height
  2021  EXCEL 18N RED 1 Halle Blount    
  2021   EXCEL 18N RED 2 Chloe Beard S/RS  
  2021   EXCEL 18N RED 2 Haylee Maxey OH/RS   
  2021   EXCEL 18N RED 6 Isabella  Bose M  
Liberty 2021   EXCEL 18N RED 2 Kennedy Sutter OH/RS  
  2021   EXCEL 18N RED 9 Elle Bryant S  
Gonzaga 2021   EXCEL 18N RED 11 Avery Lowe OH/RS  
  2021   EXCEL 18N RED 8 Dakota Roders-Hurtado M/RS  
  2022 EXCEL 18N RED 22 Kayla Manio    
  2021   EXCEL 18N RED 17 Emily Ludtka  
  2021   EXCEL 18N RED 5 Paige  Hunden RS/OH  
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 4 Rachel VLK    
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 2 Sami Ashley    
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 3 Abby Anderson DS/RS   
  2021  EXCEL 18N WHITE 5 Ella Barr    
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 6 Rachel Hardwick    
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 18 Lexie Temple    
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 9 Hallie Collett OH/DS   
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 12 Charlotte Hain    
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 7 Rachel Ross    
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 17 Lauren Sullivan DS/RS  
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 22 Gwen  Wooten RS   
  2021   EXCEL 18N WHITE 1 Erin Wiseman RS/OH  
UAM 2022 EXCEL 17N RED 6 Camryn McGough  
  2022 EXCEL 17N RED 3 Kamryn Vanatta OH   
  2022  EXCEL 17N RED 5 Audrey Kubiak DS/L   
  2022  EXCEL 17N RED 9 Skye LaMendola RS/OH   
  2022  EXCEL 17N RED 11 Caelyn Gunn OH   
Boston College 2022  EXCEL 17N RED 2 Grace  Milliken  
  2022  EXCEL 17N RED 7 Kendall Hewitt RS   
  2022  EXCEL 17N RED 1 Jessica Dunn  
Howard  2022  EXCEL 17N RED 20 Leah Reeves  
  2022 EXCEL 17N RED 12 Kenzie Cutler OH  
  2022  EXCEL 17N RED 19 Kaedan Robinson DS/L   
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 22 Raegan Asher DS/L/OH  
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 11 Kaitlyn Bloomer M  
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 3 Caitlyn Brown OH   
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 12 Kaylin Cuevas  
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 85 Abby Folsum    
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 2 Madison Hand OH   
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 9 Taylor Jakobiak    
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 25 Ellie Laird L  
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 1 Madison Manning  
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 5 Mia McCord    
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 10 Kaitlyn Noel    
  2022  EXCEL 17N WHITE 6 Amber Victoriano    
  2023 EXCEL 16N RED 22 Landry Baughman M  
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 9 Reagan Fifer S/RS   
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 13 Sydney Garrison OH/DS  
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 83 Samantha Glenn    
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 2 Sydnee Griffen    
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 10 Audrey Irvine    
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 8 Makayla Johnson    
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 4 Jada Johnson    
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 7 Kinsey Killion    
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 1 Brianna  Martin DS/L  
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 5 Ashlynn Oliver    
  2023  EXCEL 16N RED 12 Taylor Polivka    
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 22 Leighton Anderson    
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 2 Gracie Braner    
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 11 Mia Brown    
  2023  EXCEL16N WHITE 83 Savannah Dunbar    
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 10 Hamilton Greene OH/RS  
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 7 Kathryn Hopkins M/RS  
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 9 Tiffany Lam    
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 3 Leah Thompson    
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 4 Camille Vega    
  2023  EXCEL 16N WHITE 15 Janet Zhang    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 1 Noemi Cea    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 15 Caitlin Cornell    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 4 Mariana Galvan    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 6 Lexi Godbey    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 16 Ellie McGinnis    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 5 Maya Omar    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 2 Natalie Rummel    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 9 Sophie Smith    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 24 Anaya St.Cyr    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 25 Sarah Stroud    
  2023  EXCEL 16N BLUE 7 Casey Williams    
  2024 EXCEL 15N RED 27 Madison Baker    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 12 Isa Camacho    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 5 Lilly Carstens    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 3 Kaylin Ginsberg L/DS  
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 17 Cleo Hardin    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 8 Rylee Jackson    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 10 Madison Marshall    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 11 Denasia Maxey    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 21 Ellie Miller    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 9 Ryann Vik    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 7 Brynn Winburne    
  2024  EXCEL 15N RED 13 Catherine Young    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 5 River Bernal    
  2024  EXCEL 15N White 10 Morgan Davis    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 3 Emerson Dement    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 8 Mary  Edwards    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 6 Maddie Gappleberg    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 7 Sophia Griffin    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 13 Stella Grabham    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 9 Sophie Hoke    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 12 Mallory McFarland    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 2 Grace Payne    
  2024  EXCEL 15N WHITE 1 Gabriela Seeds    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 24 Lola Barnard    
  2024 EXCEL 15N BLUE 23 Jordyn Crenshaw    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 3 Barbara Fowler    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 7 Reagan Hamm    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 9 Rachel Newland    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 8 Riley Seitz    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 14 Avery Seitz    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 6 Brooklyn Stewart    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 13 Bennett Trubey    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 17 Alexis Viels    
  2024  EXCEL 15N BLUE 12 Taylor  Wilson    



Players and parents should use their discretion regarding attending club practice, tournaments and other events during bad weather.  If severe weather is present, EXCEL will post cancelations on the front page of the EXCEL website and use social media to announce cancelations.  Players will not be penalized for missing practices/tournaments due to severe weather.    

EXCEL offers a variety of summer training options inlcudiing Advanced Clinics, Skill Camps, Back to School Camps and Beach.  Clinics and camps are open to all athletes.  We recommend pre-registering for events.  Walk-ins are accepted unless a clinic is stated as full.  Additional clinics will be added for the upcoming months.  Select the event for more information and to register for a specific event.

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Location:  Courtside Sports Center, 4717 Plano Parkway #110, Carrollton, TX  75010