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2021 eFit Session - Rest of club season

eFit Training  **Members Only**

eFit is a volleyball-specific program for athletes of all ages. eFit will focus on functional training to enhance movement and physical demands on the court.  Our program will develop athletes through resistance, plyometrics, speed-ladder and body-weight training. Athletes will be instructed in proper mechanics to optimize movement for maximum results and injury prevention.  Athletes attend sessions twice a week.

March - April 22
Sundays: 6:00PM
Mondays: 7:30PM
Tuesdays:  6:30PM or 7:30PM 
Wednesdays:  7:30PM
Thursdays:  6:30PM or 7:30PM 
Loc: Courtside Sports Center’s e-Fit Area

eFit Trainer: Ashton Williams

Cost:  $200*

*Pricing includes reality of travel and Covid quarantine outages.   There are no refunds unless athlete is benched for injury.    Thanks!


Courtside Sports Center, 4717 Plano Parkway, Suite 110, Carrollton, TX, 75010
Telephone: 214-912-4133


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